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    1 year access to the KIT page of my website!
    Valid for 12 months
    • Links to Full Builds & Gear
    • Discount Codes
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    Get lifetime access to the KIT page of my website!
    • Links to Full Builds & Gear
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Heres one of my most popular builds so you can get an idea of what the KIT page looks like. I link every single part I use so you dont have to go searching.


The KIT page of my website is where I organize and link all the builds and gear I review and use on the channel. I also include any discount codes I can get my hands on from all the companies I work with just to add all the value I can for you. 


As the GUNMEN channel has grown, so has the financial burden to keep everything running. Not to mention the time cost Ive put in. Its honestly been very difficult to manage so Ive had to look for anyway possible to offset the costs Ive accumulated in order to keep the channel going & also so I can support my family.

Ive always wanted my videos to be out there for anybody to watch, learn from, and enjoy, for free! But I went above and beyond spending months to build this website that makes everything easier for you to find the products I review and even get them for less. I really do go to lengths to get the discount codes by talking to every company I work with to offer them for you. I really try to add as much value as I can to every aspect of this channel and ill continue to do so.


So you aren't just paying for the convenience of the KIT page, you're also supporting the channel so I can keep creating the videos you love!!

I really cant even tell you how grateful I'am for the opportunity to build this community. Your support keeps the channel moving forward and I have big plans for things here. 

Genuinely, thank you for everything.

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